Upcoming fundraiser at local restaurant

I am back in the U.S. and my heart is full of joy for everything the Lord has done once again in the Balkans. However, in order to continue this great work we also continue with fundraisers. We would love to invite you to the first one which will take place on Nov. 13th at a local restaurant. Some of you participated last year and know how much fun we had while raising funds for educational needs. Gianni’s Italian Bistro puts on a fundraiser every Monday evening by allowing non-profits to host a dinner, and it gives all the tips and ten percent of the evening’s proceeds to the organization. Please join us as we raise support for our Balkan children to ensure that they get a good education no matter their ethnicity or economic background.

In Him,


2 thoughts on “Upcoming fundraiser at local restaurant”

  1. We have been to this fun and delicious evening twice and won’t miss it this year. We always bring friends. A fun night out.

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